Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek


Kashmir great lakes trek is a wonderful and unique trek that is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trek goes along some of the famous places in Kashmir. These are the most beautiful places on the planet and the views here are unbeatable.

The great lakes in Kashmir are a sight to see and among the most beautiful in the world. To be precise beauty is not a thing that cannot be measured and hence it will be difficult to specifically determine whether the lakes are most beautiful or not, but they are extremely beautiful and worth visiting!

There are not a lot of people who are aware of this beautiful trek package, but in reality if beauty is your thing then there is no better place than this to trek. Kashmir lakes are among the most amazing things that you will see and the Kashmir great lakes Trek is a trek that has been designed around the lakes in Kashmir.

It can’t get better than this for the trekker. There are a number of lakes that you will encounter on the way, and the Kashmir great lakes Trek is designed as not only a hard core trekking expedition but also as a sightseeing trek all rolled into one.

Lakes in Kashmir

lakes trekking in kashmir Some of the lakes in Kashmir that you will see are the “Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Manasbal Lake, and Wullar Lake”. All these are really popular because they are located at a considerably low altitude and are easy enough to access. However there are a number of lakes that are situated higher up that are equally beautiful and less visited.

Some of the most beautiful lakes that you will encounter are situated in Sonamarg. This is a part of the Kashmir valley that is really very beautiful and among the best places in Kashmir. There are a number of different lakes that are situated here and all these are a trekker’s paradise.

Origin of all the great lakes of Kashmir

Other attraction along the Kashmir great lakes is the scenery that accompanies the great lakes, the unparalleled beauty that is prevalent in the regions of various lakes. These include aspects such as glaciers and mountain peaks; this is the originating point of all the lakes and mountain streams that exist near the lakes.

There is a reason that these are referred to as the Great Lakes of the region. All these lakes provide the individual with an experience that is unique, owing to the fact that all these water bodies are massive and over the size of the average lake that one normally expects to find in a hilly area.

Some of the lakes that you will encounter along the way of the trek will leave you mesmerized and in want of more. These are easily some of the most serene places that one can find anywhere in the world and they have an effect on the mind and the emotions of a person, in the sense they allow a person to feel alive and rejuvenated.

Kashmir great lakes Trek is not just a trekfor the young who go for a challenge, it’s a place where anyone that feels the need can venture out and have a wonderful time which is beyond words.





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