Ladakh Trekking Information

Ladakh Trekking Information


Ladakh is one of the most favoured trekking and adventure sports destinations in the world. Kashmir Trek provides you all the Ladakh Trekking information, including information about Ladakh trekking routes. We provide you information about the destinations and the journey of Ladakh trek. Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places on earth, where you will get to see tranquil beauty the likes of which are available in very few other places.

Ladakh is considered to be the highest elevated and inhabited land in the world. From such a height rise the huge giant-like mountains, bare and barren. The climate, the mountains, the trials, all is hostile making the trekking here extremely challenging and fearful. This is why you need to get all the Ladakh trekking information before you set out on your adventure.

In the Ladakh Trekking Route you will see things such as mountains, snow capped peaks, lakes, mountain streams, lush green meadows, glaciers and a whole lot more. These trekking routes are among more beautiful in comparison with the trekking routes elsewhere. This is why the Ladakh is considered to be the premier destination for trekkers.

Ladakh Trekking Information – Routes and Challenges

There are plenty of stunning peaks in Suru and Zanaskar that dare a brave trekker to mount to great heights. Nun-Kun massif and Zanskar massif are some of the ultimate routes for hiking. Trekking in Ladakh is a challenging adventure, surely not for amateurs!

There are a number of huge mountains in Ladakh that are a part of the mighty Himalayan range of mountains. The mountains are filled with numerous age-old stupas and there are symbols of human love and prayer everywhere. Even on such an adventurous expedition, you will find peace of mind in the mountains.

Ladakh gives you the perfect challenging Himalayan adventure experience. With its lofty mountains and never-ending glaciers, Ladakh trek is always an exciting adventure. Ladakh trekking routes are so immense that the trekking trip can last even for months. Trekking in Ladakh is not a cakewalk. The environment and terrain are fiercely challenging. Ladakh provides opportunity for trekking on frozen river as well. Some of the major trekking routes in Ladakh are Shang La-Matho La-StokKangri; Padum to Martselang; Padum-Lamayuru; Darcha-Padum; Darcha Lamayuru; Lamayuru Alchi; Lamayuru Martselang; Ladakh Zanskar; Manali Ladakh; Markha Valley; Spiti Ladakh; StokKangri; Trans Zanskar; The Rupshu Valley; The Nubra Valley; Zanskar (Darcha-Padum) and lot more!


Ladakh is situated at a very high altitude and during your trek you may even have to hike into mountains that are at an altitude of thousands of feet. The oxygen here is very thin and this may lead to altitude sickness. Hence you need to take all the precautionary measures to minimize the effects of Altitude sickness. Do not set foot on Ladakh trekking routes unless you get a nod from your doctor. Follow your doctors instructions keenly. Always spend a day or two at comparatively lower altitude places, like Leh, so as to acclimatize yourself with the conditions. Keep your personal first-aid box and all the necessary medicines along with you. Physical fitness is indispensable for Ladakh trekking. Apart from physical fitness, mental and emotional fitness is a must. Do not stray too far in the mountains and strictly follow the given routes as you may end up losing your way in these remote places.

Ladakh Trekking Information gives you a preview of the Ladakh trekking routes and the journey that you will encounter during trekking in Ladakh. Most trekkers who follow this route simply love the experience even though it is designed to be challenging./p>





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