Ladakh Trekking

Ladakh trekking


Ladakh is one of the best destinations in the world to trek. It provides the perfect terrain and beauty which make it the ideal destination for trekking. Ladakh trekking will be one of the best experiences of your life; there are many reasons why this place is frequented by trekkers, and the most obvious of those is the fact that there are few places on earth that are better suited for trekking excursions. Trekking in Ladakh is an ultimate experience and the terrain is very tough and definitely not for amateurs.

    Following is a brief itinerary of our trip and the things that you are going to see while Ladakh trekking
  • On the first daywedrive to Martselang form Leh, check out the Hemis monastery, Indus valley civilization ruins with a fascinating history associated with it. Then it’s on to the Shang la village and those are the highlights for the first day.
  • On the second day of the Ladakh trekking we head directly to the Shang Phu that’s the destination for the trek. You’ll see a lot along the way and cover a lot of ground too, some beautiful things you will see along the way.
  • On the second day we head to the top of Shang La pass and from here you can see the Stok and Matho La Kangri peaks and the ParchaKangri. This is considered a long trek.
  • On the fourth day we head toward Matho La this is high altitude. It is beautiful and has a medieval look to it. Then on to the MathoKangriMassif these are bare mountains, you get a good view of the Khardung La from here, and behind these you can catch a glimpse of the Karakoram Range as well.
  • On the fifth day of Ladakh trekking we reach the StokKangri first and then the Myungkirmo meadows and finally to StokKangri.
  • On the sixth day we head for the summit of Stok which is at 20,506ft (FYI!)That’s pretty high and the climb is pretty tough as well!
  • On the seventh day it’s a long trek over a mountain and this is about it, from the top you will get a great view of a very large radius.
  • On the eighth day we start the day by going through the Myungkirmo meadow, encounter the Stok River and finally make it to the village of Stok.
  • On the ninth day of Ladakh trekking we check out Stock and spend the rest of the day here, this is one beautiful place to see.

Ladakh trekking is for the purpose of providing you with the best information about the trekking possibilities in Ladakh. There are no better trekking destinations than this. Trekking in Ladakhgives you a picture of the destinations along the route that you will be experiencing; you can further investigate them on the internet as well for a better idea of where all and what all you want to see.





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