Training for your Trek

Training for your trek


Training for your trek involves physical, emotional and mental preparation before you embark on a trek. Trekking falls into the category of extreme sports. Training for your trek is one of the most important things that you need to do before embarking on a trek in Kashmir. Kashmir is a high altitude area and trekking here can be difficult for those that are not in good enough physical shape or condition.

Most of the trekking routes that you’ll encounter are pretty tough, some more than others. However, on an average all of them are pretty tough because you will be trekking in a hilly area; this means that there are plenty of inclines and declines, uneven ground and more. For all this you need to be physically fit and able bodied. It’s essential that you do a bit of training for your trek.

Our recommendations for training for your trekare climbing five flights of stairs every day for at least three weeks before the trek, or cycle every day for at least an hour 20 to 25 days before the trek. This will improve your physical fitness levels, and prepare you for the challenges ahead.


Altitude sickness is what people suffer from the thin air and lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. Typically, a lot of places where these treks occur are at high altitude. Due to this altitude people generally feel more exhausted than they would normally at sea level, apart from this exhaustion other symptoms of altitude sickness includes a headache and nausea.

To get relief from this all a person needs to do is refrain from strenuous work and simply allow your body to adjust for a day or two, at the end of this period you should be feeling fine.


Essentially a trek is an extreme sport, it is designed to push your body to the limit at times and the thrill of the sport is and the conquest of the distances and the terrain. Given the fact that trekking is an extreme sport, one should be able to understand the physical demands it places on the body.

Before you go for a trek you need to consult with your doctor or medical practitioner about any conditions, ailments or injuries that you may have. You need to get a go ahead from your doctor, so that you can trek in peace.


Very often a trek pushes you to the limits not just physically but mentally and emotionally. Generally, when an individual is pushed to their physical limits it has an effect on the mind as well and this in turn can influence your emotions. Training for your trek emotionally and mentally is one of the most important things that a person needs to undertake for a successful trek.

Under such circumstances an individual that is not prepared can end up facing a lot of problems during the trek. It’s always better to be aware of what it feels like to be physically exhausted and/or completely drained off energy.

Very often during a trek a member that is physically out of shape can hold up the entire team, this is why it’s so important for all the members of a team to be roughly in the same physical fitness category.

Kashmir trek provides you with all the necessary basic Training for your trek before we embark on the trek. However, it always helps when individuals are well prepared in advance for the challenges that lay ahead of them.

Training for your trek is something that is absolutely imperative and an individual needs to do everything they can to ensure that their capable of traveling on foot, over hills and rough terrain for at least a week.





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