Trekking Destinations in Kashmir

Trekking Destinations in Kashmir


Kashmir is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. Few places can match the natural beauty of the trekking Destinations in Kashmir. Trekking Destinations in Kashmir are not hard to find, this is one of those places on earth which offers numerous destinations which are perfectly suited for different activities. This place is a tourist's and adventure sportsmen’s paradise. There are numerous different activities which take place here year round.

trekking destinations in kashmir The top destination in Kashmir for skiing is Gulmarg; here you have a world class ski destination which is globally acknowledged. Apart from this, Gulmarg is criss crossed with multiple different trekking routes and is considered to be a trekker’s paradise. This is so because of the beauty that the landscape offers, making it perfect for trekking.

Other destinations in Kashmir offer the tourist and adventure sport enthusiasts perfect places to indulge in their passions for Parra a gliding and Parra sailing and numerous other adventure sports such as rock climbing, mountain climbing and more.

Primary Trekking Destinations in Kashmir

    The primary trekking destinations in Kashmir are as follows:
  • Ladakh, this is possibly the most famous trekking destination of Kashmir, globally known as a place renowned for its scenic beauty and untouched natural beauty this is a trekker’s paradise.
  • Amarnath, this place is equally famous as a Trekking Destination in Kashmirand also for the holy shrine which is situated here. Every year countless devotees also make their way to the Amarnath shrine.
  • Gulmarg is a famous Trekking Destination in Kashmiras well as its world class ski slopes, this place was rated among the top five skiing destinations in the world, skiing is a winter sport that is available here and in the summer travellers come here for trekking.
  • Pahalgam is famous for its Meadows and mountain streams in the backdrop of the snowcapped peaks. There are few places which offer suchpicture perfect beauty such as Pahalgam.This is another of the famous Trekking Destinations in Kashmir.
  • Sonamarg is famous for its beauty. Again like Pahalgam it’s a place which is scenically extremely beautiful. Countless trekking routes either originate here or pass this way. From here one can gain access to the glaciers and mountains.

Scenic beauty

    For those that are not aware of this scenic beauty that Kashmir presents a brief outlook on this would be as follows:
  • Situated in the Himalayan mountain ranges, the land here comprises of mountain streams which originate from melting glaciers, green Meadows which are natural to the environment and serve as grazing grounds, forests which comprise of a variety of different trees, water bodies and lakes as a result of water which collects in certain regions of the mountain area, rolling hills and steep mountains are part of the natural landscape.
  • All put together this makes the place look like a paradise on earth. Typically, the meadows and countryside are dotted with huge stones and boulders which have been in place since time immemorial.
  • In the winter months most of this landscape is covered in snow another interesting feature of this place is the historical monuments and buildings which signify its history. Another interesting fact is the Indus Valley; an archaeological site was discovered here also known as the Indus Valley civilization which dates back to 2000 BC.
  • In conclusion there are multiple Trekking Destinations in Kashmir, more than a person can cover in a few visits. The only way for a person to see all the trekking routes and destinations in Kashmir is to spend a lifetime trekking here!




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