Trekking in Kashmir

Trekking in Kashmir


Kashmir is one of the best places in India and arguably the best place in this part of the world to trek. There are few places that offer what Trekking in Kashmir valley does. There is no better suited place in the country than Kashmir for the trekking experience that it provides all the travellers trekking here.

Of all the features that the area offers what matters most to the trekker is the overall experience that he or she has while in the area. Trekkers look not only for the best routes to travel but also the best scenery that is available as well.This is the specialty that trekking in Kashmir offers to its trekkers.There is no accurate way of describing the beauty that one will experience when they are here;it’s enough to say though that it will satisfy the most skeptical of trekkers.

Features of Kashmir

Some of the features that the state of Kashmir offers the trekker are the greenery, unspoiled nature and the overall beauty that enthralls everyone that sees it. What’s the point of trekking in a place that is not worth looking at!

There are features such as the hills that are the most perfect place that anyone can find to trek, these are neither too steep nor are they very flat. The hills are just perfect enough to provide the trekker with the right degree of comfort and challenge. Trekking in Kashmir valley is more than just a normal few days spent wandering the wilderness; this is an experience in itself.

There is a lot to be said about the state of Kashmir and the beauty that it presents travelers that visit the state. Among the features that you can view is the natural beauty of the state which includes meadows, snow-capped peaks, streams, lush vegetation and other similar qualities that make up the beauty of the area. This is a place where all the most amazing features have come together to form a place that is akin to what one can compare with a paradise on earth.

Trekking in Kashmir Valley

trek in kashmir Trekking in Kashmir valley is something that almost all trekkers and a lot of non-trekkers have dreamt about. This is a place that offers the trekker the experience that he or she has always wanted and literally leaves nothing to be desired at all from a trekking perspective.

The treks that take place in the Kashmir valley are generally from the moderate 4 or 5 days trek to the more extensive 10 to 12 day trek. Depending on the trekkers experience there is a possibility that they will choose one or the other.

Trekking in Kashmir is an experience that is one of the best related to trekking and holidaying, there are very few places that will offer the trekker the experience that Kashmir does. This is an experience that one should experience at least once in their life.





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