• 5 Best Treks to Explore in Kashmir
    5 Best Treks to Explore in Kashmir

5 Best Treks to Explore in Kashmir

5 Best Treks to Explore in Kashmir

5 Best Treks to Explore in Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir has never failed to astonish us with its magnificent beauty which is enhanced by the snow-clad mountains and lush-green trees.

The valleys of Kashmir are ornamented with streams gushing through the mountains and colorful meadows which surrounds the beautiful alpine lakes which rest in the vicinity of the mountains. Along the years, the state is not just a tourist spot to discover its culture and heritage, but it has also emerged as a famous adventure destination among the tourists.

As compared to the other trekking places in India, Kashmir always gives a pleasant vibe to the trekkers and take them close to nature. Pahalgam and Sonamarg are one of the prominent places in the state which serve as the base camp for major treks. The trails in Kashmir will give you the glimpse of the Gujjar settlements along with an enigmatic view of the alpine lakes and meadows.

To make your trekking experience a less stressful decision, here are the 5 best treks to explore in Kashmir and set your wanderlust soul to roam amidst the rough trails layered with snow while capturing the beauty of the place.

Great Lakes in Kashmir Trek

Kashmir has always been painted as a picture with beautiful valleys, snow-covered mountains, lakes filled with ink blue water covered with pine and coniferous trees. To live a few days amidst this picturesque view, the Great Lakes in Kashmir trek is a choice you have to make whenever you visit the state. The great lake in Kashmir trek is often considered as a beginner’s delight for its easy trails and an intricate exposure to the hidden gems of the valley. The base camp of the trek is Sonamarg which is also known as the “meadows of gold”. The beauty of the place will never fade away in the entire journey and as the trek ends at Naranag, you can explore the archaeological temples in this historical place which will complete your trip.

Which destinations will be covered on the trek?

The trek will give a glimpse to the beautiful alpine lakes which rests in the vicinity of the mountains. Starting with the Vishnasar Lake, the journey continues towards Krishnasar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake and Gangabal Twin lakes.

When can you go for the great lakes in Kashmir trek?

To witness the utmost beauty of the lakes and the alpine meadows covered with flowers, July to September is the best time to experience the Great Lakes in Kashmir trek.

How difficult is the trek?

The great lakes in Kashmir trek are the best trek for the beginners for its moderate difficulty level. The maximum level of the trek is 13,750ft above sea level. A normal and fit person above the age of 12 can enrol for this trek.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

The Tarsar Marsar trek gives the best opportunity to explore the gigantic peaks of the mountains in Kashmir and a beautiful sight of the twin lakes Tarsar and Marsar. Passing through the beautiful meadows of the Aru village, this trek will give an insight to nature’s beauty of Kashmir.

Which places are covered in the Tarsar Marsar trek?

The trek starts from the Aru village where you can reach travelling via Pahalgam from Srinagar. The distance from Srinagar to Pahalgam is 100km from where Aru has located 12km away. The trek will give a glimpse of the Lidderwat valley and Shekwas valley from where you will reach the Tarsar and Marsar Lake.

What is the best time to visit the lakes?

The best time to visit the lakes is between the months of July, August and September to witness the blooming flowers which cover the entire valley.

Is the trek trial suitable for a beginner?

The Tarsar Marsar trek is a moderate level trek which doesn’t require much physical strength. Thus any person who is above the age of 9 and physically fit can plan to experience this trek.

Naranag-Mahlish Gangabal Trek

The Naranag-Gangabal-Mahlish is one of the unique trek routes in Kashmir where the return trek trail is different. This fascinating trek gives a closure to the lush-green pine forests, bright meadows which leads to the main destination of the Gangabal twin lakes situated at the foothill of the Mount Harmukh. On this trek, you will also get the chance to take a glance at the Kolesar Lake on the return route. This beautiful water body is located at a height of 3800m above sea level.

Which places comes in the route to Gangabal-Mahlish trek?

The trek will start from Naranag which is a less known tourist destination in Jammu and Kashmir. The place will give a beautiful view of the surroundings along with a historical treasure in the form of Shiva temple situated in the vicinity. Along with the Naranag tour, you will move towards Trunkhol to reach the Gangabal Lake. While walking down the peak you will get to see the Kolesar Lake and the Mahlish and Chatargul meadows.

What is the best time to plan the Naranag-Mahlish-Gangabal trek?

To experience the flakes of snow, Naranag-Gangabal- Mahlish trek should be planned in the month of May-October.

What is the difficulty level of this trek?

The highest altitude of the trek is 3800m where the Kolesar Lake is situated. As the trek has a moderate level of difficulty anybody with a healthy lifestyle and fit body can go for this trek.

Naranag-Gangabal Trek

The Naranag-Gangabal trek is another beautiful journey which portrays the beauty of Kashmir in the most beautiful way. The Gangabal twin lakes are nestled at the foothill of Mount Harmukh at an altitude of 5300m above sea level. The base camp of the trek is Naranag located in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. Naranag is another less known gem place in the state which shelters an ancient Shiva temple apart from its scenic beauty.

Which places fall in the Naranag-Gangabal trek?

The trek is focused on the Gangabal twin lakes which are situated at the foothill of the Mount Harmukh. Starting from Naranag which is known for its ancient architectural glories. Passing through the Trunkhol you will reach the highest point of the trek from where the sight of the twin lakes Gangabal and Nundkol is a perfect view.

What is the best time to plan the trek?

The Naranag-Gangabal trek is a beautiful sight in the time between May-November as the snow covers the area and portrays a unique picture of Himalaya.

For whom is the trek suitable?

A person with a healthy lifestyle who can easily walk miles without any health problems can join this trek. Though the trek route is moderate people with breathing problems are requested to not enrol for the trek as they can face problems of breathing in the heights.

Kolahoi Glacier Trek

The Kolahoi Glacier Trek is another jewel to the trails in the Kashmir valley. The Kolahoi glacier is situated at a height of 11,170ft above sea level which is a gem resting below the Kolahoi Mountains. The locals have named the Kolahoi glacier as “Goddess of Light” because it’s the perennial source of water for the Lidder and Jhelum River. This trek will give a clear view of the Aru valley from where you start the journey.

Which destinations will be covered on the trek?

The trek towards the Kolahoi glacier will start from the Aru Village which is the base camp of the trek. Passing the Lidderwat valley the journey will proceed to Dudhsar Lake which is beautiful lake resting amidst the greenery and serenity of the mountains. Walking ahead of the Satlunjan the sight of the Kolahoi glacier will take a form.

What is the best time to plan the Kolahoi Glacier Trek?

To experience an enigmatic view of the mountain beauty the time between March-October is the best time to head the mountains.

How difficult is the trek?

The Kolahoi glacier trek is a moderate level trek which can be experienced by anyone with a healthy and fit body. For the people having breathing problems, the trek might not be a good choice.


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