• An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek
    An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek

An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek

An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek

An Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek

Trek is often perceived as a long arduous journey covered mainly by foot walking amidst the mountainous regions. Trekking in Kashmir is one of the major tourist attractions in the state where every year thousands of trekkers conquer the peaks of the Kashmir valley.

But just before the trekking season starts the adventure lovers flood with questions like, How to plan a trek? What are the essential things to carry? What to carry and what not to carry?

Worry no more because we are here to solve all your queries with this “Ultimate Guide to Plan a Successful Trek” which will prepare you from the start to the end about all the essential things to remember before heading for that adventurous journey to the mountains.

Physical Fitness

A fit and healthy body are the foremost criteria before planning a trek to the alpine regions of Kashmir. People often think that trekking is all about walking amidst the forests and steep trails. But the actual trekking is a challenging task because it involves long hours of walking in uneven trails which causes pain to the muscles and ligaments of your legs. Thus before going for a trek make the following activities part of your daily routine:

  • Go on a walk regularly for 5-6 kilometres.
  • Challenge to finish 1.5 kilometres in 20 minutes.
  • After walking for 5-6 kilometres aim to go for a walk.
  • Do breathing exercises like inhale and exhale/ chest exercises so that you don’t suffer and breathing problems in the elevated areas.
  • Basic shoulder and back exercises are a must do because it will make your back strong for carrying your backpack.

What to carry in the backpack for the trek?


The weather in mountain region is very unpredictable which moves from moderate to cold weather in the high altitudes. Thus it is mandatory to carry appropriate clothes which are comfortable as well as will help you stay warm. Carry a Trek pant and another cotton pants for night stays along with half sleeved t-shirts for day treks. To keep yourself warm in the night carry thermal bottom wears and socks.

Hiking Shoes

For a good trekking experience, a comfortable and solid hiking shoes is an important pick. A good quality trekking shoes will make or break your trip. Thus analyze your trek route thoroughly before investing on hiking shoes.

Quick Dry Towel

While on a trek you need to carry a quick dry towel for wiping your face. One cannot afford to carry a wet towel in the bag pack, thus ensure to carry a towel which can dry quickly.


  1. Posted by Isha| 20 Oct 2017

    Thank you for this informative blog. I am planning to visit Kashmir for trekking and this guide will surely help me plan a successful trek.

  2. Posted by Nandita| 02 Nov 2017

    Such an informative blog which answered all my questions regarding the trek. Thank you!

  3. Posted by Mayank | 20 Nov 2017

    This blog gave me the urge to plan a trekking tour in Kashmir.

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