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Best time to visit in 2018 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek - Faqs


To enjoy the picturesque beauty of the valley, July and August are the best time of the year to commence the Great Kashmir Lakes Trek. Unlike the other states in the country, these two months are not the monsoon season in Kashmir. Instead, you will experience a beautiful sight of the luscious green valleys and meadows jewelled with blooming flowers.
During the daytime, the temperature may rise up to 17-20 degree Celsius which drops to 3-5 degree Celsius in the night.
In the month of July, you might experience snowfall on the Gadsar pass and on the initial parts as you will walk down the pass. While on the other months you will likely cross some piles of snow.
During the trek, if it starts raining, we will still continue with the planned trail. For your safety, you can wear the poncho which will protect you from the rain. For the protection of your backpack carry a backpack cover which will protect your belongings. Whereas the dining tent, toilet and the tents provided for stay are all water-proof to keep you dry.
Kashmir Alpine Trek will provide a transport facility from Srinagar to Sonamarg which is a 4-hours’ drive. You have to reach the pick-up point at Srinagar airport or Srinagar TRC 3:30 pm from where the cab will drive towards the basecamp-Sonamarg.
Kashmir Trek will organize a cab facility from Naranag to Srinagar at the end of the trek. The ride will take off from Srinagar as soon as the day trek ends and you are expected to reach the city by 8 pm.
Yes. The Kashmir Alpine Treks takes a complete care about the accommodation of the trekkers by providing them with tents on every night of the trek. For the convenience of the trekkers, the company will also provide high-quality sleeping bags which can withstand temperature up to -10 degrees Celsius.
The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is a mystical experience altogether to explore the beautiful lakes in the vicinity of Sonamarg. But there are many other treks in Kashmir which will let you see the enigmatic beauty of the valleys and meadows in Kashmir. The Tarsar-Marsar Trek, Hampta pass and Valley of flowers are some of the great alternatives of the Great lakes in Kashmir trek. For the seasonal trekkers, the Pin Babha Pass trek is an adventurous choice.
Anyone above 15 years age who has experienced a high altitude trekking before is eligible for the trek.
Kashmir Alpine Trek has a very organized and planned menu for the high altitude trekking. During the trek, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes will be served according to the choice of the trekkers. The company will serve food in three meals as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It is suggested to carry at least two-litre of water for the day- trek. For the rest of the trek, the campsites are set near the water-resources from where you can fetch water. During the complete trek, you have to survive on the water found in streams and rivulets from where you can refill your bottle except on the 6th day of the trek when you will travel from Gadsar-Satsar.
Srinagar is the last point where you will get a decent network connectivity. Thus it is suggested to attend all your important calls at this point and inform your relatives about the low connectivity. The prepaid connections do not work in Srinagar and there will be no charging points available during the trek.
There is no specific need for special snow-shoes because good trekking shoes are sufficient for the trek. If needed you can also wear water resistant shoes which will make your walk easier on the snow.
It is not a good idea to consume alcohol in the high altitude areas. Contradictory to the thought that alcohol keeps the body warm, it rather opens the pores in your body making you feel cold. Thus consuming alcohol is a dangerous thought and not allowed in the trek.
In high altitudes, it is expected that the temperature will drop to negative in the night. To survive the chilly nights on the high altitudes layer yourself with woollen inner and lower wears. To protect yourself from the extreme cold weather wear a thermal with two T-shirts and three layers of sweaters and jackets and for the lower wear a thermal inner and two tracksuits. You may face the negative temperature only in the morning and evening while during the daytime you can trek in your comfortable T-shirts. Keep this in mind that wear the thermals only in the night and not while trekking. Woollen cap and gloves are a must thing to carry on the trek.
Find out here the essential things you need to carry before going for the trek.
Every high altitude destination comes with greater possibilities of risk. The Kashmir Alpine Trek maintains a good service for the safety of their trekkers but we also insist all the trekkers enrolling with us to be alert and know how to tackle an emergency situation.
They also stress on the fact to study all the safety procedures before going for the Great Lakes in Kashmir trek.
If you arrive early at Srinagar then you must definitely visit the Shankaracharya temple. It is situated at a height from where you can enjoy the view of the entire city and the lakes. The journey to the temple from Dal Lake is around 2 hours.
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