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  1. It was my first trip to Kashmir and the meticulous planning of Alpine travels just made it better. I am an adventure freak thus I wanted to explore the trek routes of Kashmir. With great planning and constant follow up, I was able to fulfill my adventurous desires in Kashmir. I walked up to the Harmuhkh glacier and also took a glance of the alpine lakes like the Vishansar Lake, Gandabal twin lakes and other lakes in the vicinity. This was my best trek expedition so far and all credits goes to the amazing service by Alpine travels.

  2. The Kashmir great lakes is one of the best and beautiful treks in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a perfect way to take a close view of the Kashmir’s beauty which begins from the wide spread meadows, lakes and trees which covers the whole valley. Being a travel junky I always wanted to see the beauty of Kashmir from so close. Thus I decided to plan my trip with the local trip planner and who can be better than Alpine travels. They give the best experience with their efficient staff and smart planning. And indeed it was a trip worth memorable.

  3. The Kashmir trek.com just gave my dream vacation a happy ending. I am very happy with the service they provided and the way they handled my every need carefully. From the starting of the trek till the end I was guided properly for the trek. Great job team!

  4. The Great lakes trek was filled with adventure! Let's take some time to appreciate the wonderful looks of the valleys and meadows. They were so attractive that even from a distance it was difficult to remove my eyes from them. The service I received from the trekking helpers was nice and I loved the food too. Altogether it was a great experience, and there was great value for money.

  5. Even after a week we cannot get over from the beauty of the Kashmir valleys. The trip was made memorable by the Alpine travels and their agent “Wasim” who accompanied us throughout the tour and gave us the best show of this beautiful paradise. The most fascinating part was walking amidst the huge trees and crossing the meadows for a glimpse of the alpine lakes located in the vicinity of the mountain ranges. Alpine travels took proper care of every necessity during the trek and their guides were always updating us with the situation of the region. Honestly before planning the trip we were quite hesitant because of the conflicts in the state. But thanks to the amazing staffs of the Alpine travels who made us enjoy our vacation in Kashmir a memorable affair.

  6. I have been trekking in North India for 3 years now in all my vacations and now I can confidently say that Great lakes trek of Kashmir is the best. This trip is a complete package of excitement and provides high level of satisfaction to trekkers of any experience. Alpine Travels did a great job.

  7. Kashmir is indeed a place with beauty beyond words and trekking in Kashmir just adds the icing on the cake. I always wanted to explore the gigantic mountains of this northern part of India. The trip was planned by the Alpine travels and it just made the journey worth a while. They covered every place from Gulmarg to Pahalgam and also a day in Sonamarg. A perfect place to visit with this reliable tour guide.

  8. It was great trek tour planned by the Alpine travels team. We had a great time exploring the hidden beauties of the mountain. Excellent service!

  9. Being a crazy traveler it was first time to plan a trip with trip planners. I wanted to explore the unexplored Kashmir and only a local could have helped me because they know all the hidden routes. There is no doubt that Alpine travels did a great job. They were very responsive with all my queries and guided me at every step. I am glad that I decided to plan a trip with them.

  10. My trip to Kashmir with my childhood mates turned out to be the best reunion plan! The great lakes trek gave us all, the most adventurous experience we could have had at the place and also the sceneries of the meadows and lakes which will remain in our memories forever. Spending time in the fluctuating weather and high altitude added a lot to the adventure. The service from Alpine Travel’s was the best. This was my first visit to Kashmir and also my first experience with trekking and it was awesome.

  11. We visited Kashmir for only 4 days particularly to explore the valleys of Kashmir. Being an adventure lover we were looking for someone who can plan efficiently and help us experience the best of trekking in Kashmir. One of our relatives suggested to book the tour with Alpine travels and we were thrilled to see the efforts they made in making our trip memorable and worth the money spent. In just 4 days we had a glimpse of the snow valley of Gulmarg and also glanced at the beauty of Sonamarg and Pahalgam. We sincerely want to thank the entire team of Alpine Travels for this amazing trip.

  12. I had always heard and read about trekking in Kashmir and also had a vivid imagination of the surroundings out there. But laying my eyes on the scenes made me realize that my imagination had very less of the actual beauty of Kashmir. I had opted for the great lakes trek and I'm happy that I did. This trek now owns my photo gallery and I love to relive the moments. The local guide were very helpful.

  13. The Great lakes trek was a fantastic experience for me as it gave me an exposure to the most beautiful scenes of nature. The visits to various lakes and camping out on their banks felt really good. I took a few walks near each camp in the morning before commencement of tour for the day and the atmosphere made me happy. I would like to thank the experienced crew members who helped me and other fellow tourists in completing the journey without any injury or dissatisfaction.

  14. My friends had suggested me Kashmir for my honeymoon. I can now say that it was a very good decision. The great lakes trek being a little rough made my wife hold my hand throughout the journey and I must say that this trek really brought us close. We spent a quality time together and it was the best way to begin our married life. Nichnai pass and Gangabal lake and local sightseeing in Srinagar Dal lake were our favourite in the trip. Highly recommended for both trips and treks.

  15. Me and my group of 12 friends had been planning to give the Great lakes trek a shot together as we were already in love with its facts and photos. Finally, we could plan a trip and the last month we paid a visit to Kashmir. Guide and cooks did everything right. We would recommend this trek company to anyone who wants to do trekking in Kashmir. On reaching and also while we were on the trek, we would discuss among ourselves that this scenery is much more fantastic in real than what we expected. The tall trees, the green meadows, the whitish mountains, they were all so stunning. We now feel that we must visit it again in future together.

  16. I just want to say thank you to Alpine travels for making my first solo trip a memorable journey. They were a perfect host and updated me with every information in just a flick of seconds. Being a local company they helped me explore the unexplored trails of Kashmir and the culture of the mountain habitats. Best customer service!

  17. It was my first time with the Alpine travels and I was quite reluctant to plan a trek tour with them. The only thing which intrigued me was that they were a local company which means they have a good idea about the situation and the unexplored routes while trekking. And after experiencing the Kolahoi glacier trek with them, I am more than satisfied with their service. They are good in planning and organizing the trek which avoids any kind of chaos. No doubt for the next time as well they will be my trip planner.

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