Kashmir Himalayas

The Great Kashmir Himalayas are the shelter to the highest peaks in the world and is standing tall in all its glory for several decades.


Holding a holy place in the mind of many people, the ranges of the mountain are always a challenging point for the adventure lovers. Every year several trekkers walk towards the peaks of the mountain to conquer its height.

Amidst these gigantic ranges lies Kashmir, the state situated in the northern part of the Himalayan ranges which is known as the paradise of nature. The Kashmir Himalayas are ornamented with pristine lakes, luscious green trees and widely spread meadows which makes it the most preferred place for the trekkers and hikers.

Unlike the other trekking routes, Kashmir trek routes give a beautiful sight of the beauty of nature along with a glimpse of the culture of locals. A fascinating thing about the Kashmir trek is the view of the alpine lakes which are located in the vicinity of the North Indian Mountains.

What is Kashmir Himalayas famous for?

Trekking in these parts is perfect because of the Himalayan mountain range. This stretches along the entire northern frontier of India from North India to East India. Typically the trekking destinations exist in North India in the state of Kashmir.

The Famous Peaks of the Himalayas in Kashmir for trekkers

Kolahoi Peak (5425m)

Kolahoi Mountain is a legendary place situated in the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. Resting at a height of 5425m above sea level, this place is known as the “Goddess of light” among the locals. The Kolahoi glacier resting at the peak of the mountain is the only source of water for the Lidder River thus it has a great importance among the natives. The Kolahoi Mountain is a part of the Himalayan ranges which is located at a distance of 15km south of Sonamarg and 21km north from Pahalgam.

Harmukh Peak (5143m)

The Harmukh Peak is considered as a very sacred place for Hindus which is situated in the Ganderbal district of Jammu and Kashmir. Resting at an altitude of 5143m above sea level, it is believed that the peaks of the Harmukh Mountain are the abode of Lord Shiva. This place is one of the designated spots for the trekkers who wants to explore the beauty of this sacred place. The mountain is located between the Nallah Sindh located in the south and Kishanganga Neelum River in the north which rises above the Gangabal Lake which lies in the vicinity of the Kashmir valley.

Amarnath Peak (5,186m)

Amarnath peak is another religiously important place for the Hindus. It is situated at a peak of 5,186m from the base and situated in the Gangabal district of Kashmir. This sacred place is a part of the Himalayan ranges and rests at the south of Zojila and west of Machoi glacier. The cave of Lord Shiva popularly known as the Amarnath cave rest at the south of the Amarnath mountain at an elevation of 3,800m which attracts many pilgrims during the summer season.

North Indian Mountains

The Kashmir Himalayas give a plenty of reasons to the trekkers for experience the fascinating journey of travelling amidst the woods and large meadows. Kashmir has the most spectacular routes in the country where any person can easily travel. Starting from the short treks to reaching the highest peaks of the North Indian Mountain ranges it quenches the thirst of discovery for every person. The short treks from Srinagar to Mohanmarg or DomailMorchai can be a great start for the amateur trekkers. For the experienced trekkers and solo adventure junkies, the Kashmir great lakes trek is the best to experience at least once.

Thus if you’re a person with the desire of exploring the mountains on foot while enjoying the greenery and serenity, then Kashmir is the only lace which can make your dream come true. Experience the true feeling of adventure with your trekking gear and we are the locals here to help you explore the unexplored routes of Kashmir.

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