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The winter at Kashmir creates a completely different package of experience for the explorers of mountainous regions


The winter at Kashmir creates a completely different package of experience for the explorers of mountainous regions.

  • Max Altitude: 3600 m - Gangabal Lake
  • Max depth of Snow: 6 ft
  • Max Temperature: -2.0℃
  • Best time to visit: November to April

The base camp of this expedition is at Naranag and the trekkers end up at Gangabal, situated at the foothills of Mount Harmukh. Kashmir Winter Trek has the best to offer to the lovers of hiking. With a progressive rise in the depth of the snow as the trek moves forward, it may demand for a decent physical fitness of the tourists but it doesn't compromise in providing that level of adventure too. The trekkers on the route will pass through the frozen rivers and grasses coated with snow.

White Snowy Mountains of Kashmir

The white snowy mountains not only add to the adventure but also provide a beautiful scenery which help in inducing the hikers to climb up until the peak. The trekkers starting from the base camp will go through a meadow with tall pine trees at Budsheri in the icy cool weather to reach Trunkhol. With the availability of basic amenities, the Forrest huts will provide a shelter to the hikers for night stay at Trunkhol. The last spot of the journey is Gangabal lake and while walking the distance the explorers will set foot on the fields covered with snow, an ideal place for a snow ball fight.

Trek Itinerary

Day 1 : Srinagar – Dal lake – Houseboat

The tourists arrive at Srinagar. We will pick up the tourists from their respective stations and move them to the houseboat set at Dal lake for overnight stay.

Day 2 : Srinagar – Naranag – Bodapthri

We start driving from Srinagar in the morning and head towards Naranag to start our tour. We climb a rough route, through the Budsheri pine meadows to reach the peak of Bodpathri where we spend the night in the Forrest huts. The journey for the day lasts for 8 hours (including the drive and trek ).

Day 3 : Bodpatheri – Harigand – Trunkhol

We start the trek and go through the Gangabal trail which crosses the top of Harigand and head towards Trunkhol. We take this path as it is less slippery. Overnight stay in the Forrest huts at Trunkhol. The duration of the trek is 5 hours.

Day 4 : Trunkhol – Gangabal Lake

We leave Trunkhol and head towards Gangabal lake. The route goes through the fields, frozen into ice. We plan and conduct the trek keeping in mind the safety of the trekkers in deep snowy regions and return to Trunkhol after that. Overnight stay in the Forrest huts. The tour lasts for 6 hours.

Day 5 : Trunkhol – Naranag – Srinagar

We leave Trunkhol and head towards Naranag. We follow the same path by which we came in, through the pine meadows and reach Naranag. We drop the tourists at their respective lodgings in Srinagar.

Day 6 : Departure Srinagar Airport

We drop the tourists at the respective station or airport for departure.

Destination to cover during Kashmir Snow Trek


Elevation: 2128 m
Location: Ganderbal district
Naranag is commonly known as the tourist village and is the foot camp of trekking in mount Hamukh and Gangabal lake. In winters, Naranag receives heavy snow fall making it an ideal place for skiing and the Alpine meadows of the town get layers of snow on them. The main attraction of this place is the Naranag temple which was built in the 8th century and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is of great artistic importance to the country.


Location: 5 hour trek from Naranag
Bodpathri is the first resting spot for the trekkers after starting the expedition from Naranag. Bodpathri peak can be reached after walking through the Budsheri pine meadows, a scenery that is a delight to watch in the winter snowfall through the canopy of the Forrest. A night stay at Bodpathri in one of the gypsy shelters can be an amazing one time experience for the trekkers and that can take away all the tiredness that they had by climbing the hills.


Location: 5 hour trek from Bodpathri
Trunkhol is a snow meadow is probably the favourite trekking spot for the tourists in this tour. It is a home to large fields, that freeze into ice and snow in the winter and the view of it is not describable in words. The presence of snowy mountains rising to the heights of and beyond the clouds provides another eye-catching scenery of the winter heaven. The Forrest huts built at Trunkhol are very comfortable ones and the trekkers would surely enjoy the night stay at the meadow.

Gangabal Lake

Elevation: 3600 m
Location: Foothills of Mount Harmukh
This high altitude Alpine lake of the Kashmir valley is the final and last spot of the expedition. The depth of snow in here is less than that of Trunkhol which is a relief to the trekkers. This lake during winters has a low water level as most of it is filled only after the glaciers melt and run into the lake. This place is of immense importance to the Hindus as a sacred lake and especially to the native Kashmiri pandits. Gangabal lake ‘s view and experience is the best way to end the trek.

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