• Tulian Lake


Tulian lake is the one which is surrounded by Pir Panjal and Zanskar ranges. This lake gives the tourists a unique view of it's own due it's shape that resembles number 8.


The look of the lake is one of the photogenic sceneries in Kashmir due to it's colour that stands in contrast with that of  the snowy mountains in it's background. It is a fresh water lake that lies in a meadow packed with pine trees. Tulian lake Trek is one of the best site for short trek expeditions for nature lovers and people who are willing to have some good photos of their own and load their cameras.

Lakes remains frozen in winters:

This lake remains frozen for a few months in the winter but it stays welcoming for the rest of the year, even though it has pieces of ice floating in them in those times, the Tulian lake unleashes the better side of the nature. This trek is considered a  tour that tests your muscle power but the rewards it offers for the efforts are sweet. The expedition lasts for 6 hours and covers 16 km in the mountainous route and is an extremely adventurous experience for the trekkers.

  • Location : Pahalgam
  • Elevation : 3300 m
  • Best Time to Visit : May to November
  • Duration : 2 to 3 days

Local Tour Guides

Kashmiri Local Guide : Local Trek leaders are a reason to trek with Kashmirtrek.com Acquaintance of a guide/helper and Cook.

Trekking Equipment

Trekking poles and mats will be given to the trekkers. First aid will be there for emergencies.


Two-way transport of SUV cars will be provided for a convenient drive. Horses to carry backpacks.

Meals and Accommodation

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). Camping Waterproof Tents, warm sleeping bags, ropes, mats, blankets.

Lidder River

Location : Anantnag District

The Lidder river is considered one of the best picnic spots and also an alluring water body that can catch anyone's eyeballs. This river originating from Kolahoi Glacier is of high importance for various reasons. It is an important tributary of the Indus and serves as a source of water for irrigation in the Anantnag region and also is a hub for adventure sports like river rafting, angling and fishing. Truly presenting a gorgeous face of Pahalgam with it's bluish water, this lake is the most refreshing site to start the trek from.


Location : 5 km from Pahalgam

The accurate resemblance of beauty of this place with that of the most stunning place on earth has produced the pet name of Baisaran as "Mini Switzerland". This meadow comes up with a simple, yet a serene sight of the greenish pine trees along with the white snowy mountains in a distance. This major tourist place at Pahalgam has sky high demands among the trekkers as a camping site.


Location : 1 hour walk from Baisaran

Kanimarg is a meadow stuffed with high pine trees. This place is inhabited by the natives called Gujjars who are popular in the town for providing services of horse riding. This is the first stop in the tour and also is ideal for camping and spending time around a bonfire with friends is best suited and recommended in the atmosphere of this place. The Forrest gets denser and dark as we move through the meadow. A perfect shelter for the trekkers moving forward, Kanimarg is as beautiful as any other natural park of Kashmir.

Tulian Lake

A beautiful clean water site with hills rising above 300 m around it is a dream scenery to any trekker who has covered miles in a tough terrain to reach the peak. Tulian lake provides that exact experience to the tired tourists. This lake consists of bluish water that's clean enough to drink. Journey until the lake is a  quite difficult task but environment of the lake gives the trekkers a peaceful and positive boost.

Detailed Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Pahalgam – Kanimarg - Tulain Lake

We start our day tour from Lidder river, Pahalgam heading towards Tulian lake via Kanimarg by following the path upstream. We reach Baisaran after an hour of walk and meet the exquisite meadow, and horses of the Gujjars also contribute to the scenery. As we move forward, we face denser Forrest whose tall trees barely let the sun come to the ground, and reach the first resting spot of the tour, Kanimarg. After refilling our requirements from the Gujjar huts we move forward through the steep terrain of the Forrest again to reach Tulian valley. From here we walk for just a few minutes to finally reach the magnificent wonderland, The Tulian lake. We walk back to Tulian valley to camp out and overnight stay. 

Day 2: Kanimarg – Baisaran – Pahalgam - Srinagar

We follow the same route and trek down the steep trail to reach Kanimarg. We walk via Baisaran to reach Pahalgam. Drop at Srinagar for the tourists who opt for the service. End of the expedition after that. 

Kashmir Short Trek Booking

Group Size Expedition Starts Duration Discounts
1 To 12 Mid March 2 - 3 Days Above 4 Members

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